Monday, August 12, 2013

Mattawan Tech Camp 2013

Woot, woot! It's that time again! I love invading visiting Mattawan for the annual tech camp. The opportunity to attend high quality professional development and network with colleagues, especially right before the school year kicks off, is wonderful. This year, I am honored to be presenting on film production in the elementary classroom. This hands-on session will be fast-paced. We will follow a very condensed model of how I present film production to my students: through deconstruction and construction using iMovie on the iPad. (I love it when we get to play during professional development!!).

Below are links to some of my favorite resources for teaching ad implementing film production in the classroom. I come from a media literacy perspective, so many of these are tools that help students learn about the tools and techniques in the film industry. These tools and techniques serve as important building blocks, just as allegory, sentence structure, and personification are foundations in writing. Students who receive instruction in film basics will be able to produce higher quality films that better address the content (the real reason we are making videos with students!).