Sunday, March 24, 2013

More Useful MACUL 13 Handouts

Here comes more fun! If you can't get enough of comic turorials for technology integration, I urge you to check out Gwyneth Jones, the Daring Librarian's (@gwynethjones) work. I owe my inspiration to her, for she has used ComicLife for some time now to create some a-mazing comic tutorials. In keeping with my message that the iPad is a powerful creation tool, mine are created exclusively on the iPad. (Never mind that I have a sneaking suspicion that the processor in our family iPad is indeed faster than the MacBook's ...) I feel that creating my handouts on the iPad boils down to "putting my money where my mouth is" and demonstrating how very powerful this tool can be, and how very easy it can be to use.

Useful MACUL Handouts Round 1

Another great MACUL Conference! I am still wheeling from all of the great resources, the vast expertise, and the simply amazing people that filled the halls of Cobo just a few short days ago. We had representatives from Illinois, Maryland, Oregon and California, not to mention the Michigan educators and administrators who came from far reaches in Michigan, from Cadillac to Coloma, Monroe to Mt. Pleasant. I know I walked away with a renewed vision, refreshed passion, and a drive to continue to serve children through thoughtful technology integration.