Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scenic Overlook Ahead

In a recent post, I presented some of my favorite resources for teaching digital citizenship. Of course, I forgot a few goodies. Doesn't that figure?

And so, in no particular order, here is the rest of my list:

Phineas and Ferb's Cyberspace Rules of the Road: Who doesn't love Phineas and Ferb? OK, admittedly, I fought falling in love with them pretty hard ... but they are lovable. Yes, even for us big kids. In fact, rumor has it that the creators intended for Phineas and Ferb to be a cartoon that even kids could watch. No typo there. Congrats, you are the target audience of one of Disney's top cartoons. Anyways, I digress. Phineas and Ferb present basic internet safety guidelines in this 90 second PSA that is sure to start plenty of conversations. You'll actually have to watch it twice, because I guarantee your kiddos will quote P&F word for word the first time through!

BTW: this clip is also available on Disney's site, but you'll have to sit through advertisements first and the great tips for teaching internet safety are sadly remiss.

Dongle's Guide to Be SMART: Don't let the funny accent fool you: Dongle knows his stuff.  Another brilliant internet safety site from our friends across the Atlantic, cBBC's Dongle teaches internet safety in a short, interactive video that is sure top stick with your students. Quick activities with each of the Be SMART rules gets kids talking and interacting with the content.  Dongle's Be SMART song is absolutely hilarious ... you're students will love there crocodile singing about his fiancĂ© Beyonce!

Privacy Playground: The First Adventure of the 3 CyberPigs: Complete with a teacher guide, the First Adventure of the 3 CyberPigs is perfect for your middle grades (grades 3-5) and the discussion about what websites do with all of that personal information that they gather.  In this half game, half video, students will learn "how to spot online marketing strategies, protect their personal information and avoid online predators." Published by the Media Awareness Network out of Canada, the Second Adventure of the 3 CyberPigs goes into the validity of the information available online as well as other tenets Of media literacy education. 

Hopefully these posts have added at least one great resource to your tool belt or your own Diigo. Happy trails on students' journey to digital citizenship.

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