Friday, November 11, 2011

NG Young Explorers

Here's one for my peeps in early elementary: National Geographic's Young Explorer has an absolutely delightful online presence! Those of you with or without interactive white boards, your students will love reading the digital version of this magazine. As of right now, the past 16 issues are available online for your viewing and reading ... and listening pleasure! Yes, the pages turn and a speaker icon next to every piece of text means that you can pick and choose what to have read by the narrator.

For those of us looking to reinforce literacy development any way possible, you'll love how the words highlight as they are read. I like that I can pick and choose which sentences, titles, subheadings, and captions that get read aloud. beautiful! Far as I can tell, all of the articles available in the print version of the Young Explorer magazine are available in its digital counterpart.

I'll keep this one short today. Case in point, happy reading with your class!

Looking for more? I'm currently developing a list of my favorite digital books for elementary students on my Diigo. Check in periodically as this list continues to grow over the next few weeks.

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