Monday, August 13, 2012

A Day in Mattawan

It most certainly has been awhile since I have been blogging. I completed my master's program and have been working on remodeling my basement. But now, my desktop is set up again (Yes! We have a desktop!) and I have been getting the blogging bug again.

Before I post one of the hundred and one blog posts that have been percolating, I have the opportunity to present tomorrow at Mattawan's Tech Camp. :-) Without further ado, below are the resources I'll be presenting on video production with kids.

Session Handouts:
Video Production for Kids -- Mattawan Tech Camp 2012 (Subject to "tweaking" as necessary!)

General Video Production Resources:
"Lights, Camera, Action", Teaching Ideas: Awesome collection of materials and media for teaching video production as well as materials to create a film theme in your classroom. Perfect for elementary.
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Adobe Youth Voices Essentials Curriculum: Free curriculum and handouts for teaching media production and how to use software from the Adobe School Collection. Intended for secondary but very easy to tailor to younger students. Lots of great ideas on production and presentation of student work. Personal favorites: "Shot Composition" handout and "Alphabet Soup" activity.
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BizMovie: Entrepreneurship and movie making at its finest, BizMovie is a free curriculum that combines financial literacy with visual literacy. Students work in groups to form production companies. They learn about how to finance a movie and they produce a movie. BizMovie partnered with Kerpoof and encourages teachers to have students produce animations on Kerpoof, but there's no reason a teacher can't have students generate a multiple shot movie using their favorite mobile device.
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Student Handouts: 
Storyboard Template -- 4 frame:

Storyboard Template -- 6-frame: